This Regulation defines the principles of functioning the website, hereinafter referred to as the Service, and the provisions and use of the Services.

The regulation defines the rights and obligations of users and the rights, duties and responsibilities of as the entity administering and managing the Service.

Every User is obliged to become familiar with the Regulation and to obey its provisions, and regulations in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Acceptance of the regulation occurs at the moment of selection of the appropriate field while registering in the service.


Any capitalized terms, whose meaning is defined below, should be understood as follows:

Regulation - this document, including all the Annexes and Appendices to it, which clearly refer to it.

Administrator - the entity managing and running the Service, which is GO! Sp. z o.o based in Poland, Zabrze (41-806), Kawika Street 12/4, registered in the National Court Register - the Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the Gliwice District Court, Commercial Division of the National Court Register under No. KRS 0000480252, The Company’s share capital is set at 5250 PLN (entirely paid in), email

User - a person using the service, regardless of the fact of placing in this service any information about herself/ himself. The user of the service can only be a natural person over the age of 13 years, who successfully creates an account in the service by obtaining a personal login and password allowing to log on to the Account (registration in service).

Login, Nick - an individual and unique user name in the Service, which was adopted by him during the stage of creation (registration) of an Account in the Service.

Profile - a set of information, data and other elements presenting and describing a given User, given voluntarily and independently by the User of the Servie, which are made available and are presented on the page of the User in the Service. Filling the fields marked as mandatory, i.e. Nick, by the user in the tab "Editing of my profile" is mandatory and is the condition of the full utilization of the available functionality of the service. service (Service) - a collection of websites in a domain called being composed of service located at the homepage, allowing, among other things, the publication of graphic files, video files, commenting and networking between users.

File - a file placed by the user in the service; formats, acceptable sizes of files, and other characteristics are dependent on the current functionality of the service.

User Content - Content that a Subscriber submits, transfers, or otherwise provides to the

Spam - unsolicited transmission of messages of advertising, commercial or informational nature without the consent of the Administrator of the service.

Theft of an account - illegal actions of third parties involving interference in the User's computer system, burglary in particular.

Netiquette - a set of savoir-vivre rules being in effect in the Internet, designed to help effectively and pleasantly communicate with others.

Participation in the Service

The regulation defines the general principles of using service as well as the rights and obligations of users and the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the GO! Sp. z o.o. In matters not regulated in the Regulation, the provisions of generally applicable Polish law being in effect are used, in particular the Civil Code.

The user, as part of using the service, under the terms of the Regulation and the generally applicable regulations, shall have the right, in particular, to:

The condition of using the service is the acceptance by the User of the rules of the Regulation. The use of the service by the User means that s/he has carefully read the content of the Regulation, accepts the Regulation and expresses his/her approval for its provisions. At the same time, the User, using the service, consents to the processing of personal data of the user by the Administrator which are placed in the service by the user during using the service. Using service which is about creating in the service a specific user profile, placing entries, files, comments or other content means that the user agrees that s/he has the right to create a given profile and to place such files or other content in the service. Consequences of such actions, in particular the absence of suitable rights or authorisations, shall be borne exclusively by the User acting contrary to the law.

The service can be used by users who activated their profiles in the service or who did not activate their profiles. Administrator differentiates functionality of the service for users, depending on whether they activated their profiles on the website of the service or not. Users who did not activate their profiles in the service can only browse the service content or use the service in another way as anonymous users (without a permanent reservation of a Nick for them). Users who have activated profiles in the service can browse the service content, set up user profiles, upload files (comics covers), can comment and can place other content in accordance with the functionality of the service, as users with permanent designation reserved for them. Other variation of the service functionality is stipulated depending on whether the user is a user having an active profile in the service.

Once the profile is activated in the service, the user can at any moment delete his/her profile in the service.

The profile can only be used by one person (user - founder of the profile).

By completing the registration procedure in the Service resulting in setting up an account, the user ensures and declares that:

All Users of the Srevice bear sole and exclusive responsibility for content and contributions input by them and for activities undertaken by them.

The Service does not audit user-generated content (User Content) or other user input prior to its publication in the Internet.

All Users bear sole and exclusive responsibility for creation of backup copies of content input by them.

This also includes the software used by them. accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of data.

By uploading a file or other content or by making a comment, you represent and warrant to us that:

With regard to any file or content you upload to the public portions of our site, you grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable worldwide license (with sublicense and assignment rights) to use, to display online and in any present or future media, to create derivative works of, to allow downloads of, and/or distribute any such file or content. Any content you post to a public portion of our site may be used by the public pursuant to the following paragraph even after you delete it. The license you grant to the Service pursuant to the preceding sentence will automatically terminate, but w ill not be revoked with respect to any file or content the Service has already copied and sublicensed or designated for sublicense.

By downloading an image or copying Content added by other users, you agree that you do not claim any rights to it, meaning:

As part of the planned functionality for the service the Administrator provides for grouping users’ profiles by placing them in the appropriate categories, for example, taking into consideration favourite comics series and full collections and the place of residence of the user, the age of the user. User, while creating his/her own profile and creating comic collections, comments and other content, is required to classify the content posted there using the tools provided by service, but also the classification should be carried out with due diligence, to the best knowledge of the user, in accordance with the current functionality of service.

Each user of the service is required to use the service in accordance with the Regulation, the law applicable in Poland, principles of social interaction, social and moral standards and of the broad principles of "netiquette". It is forbidden (and is understood as a breach of the provisions of this point of the Regulation):

Administrator declares that s/he shall make every effort for the users of the service not to receive spam or other unwanted information sent to them against their knowledge or consent by other users using communications tools available in the service which are used to communicate with other users. All such events should be reported to the address

Administrator does not receive any remuneration from the user for his using the service. The user is not entitled to be given any salary for using the service also including granted permissions in accordance with the Regulation.

Administrator reserves the right to change the Regulation. In case of introducing changes to the Go! Sp. z o.o. Regulation the Administrator will inform users about the change by placing the consolidated text of the changed Regulation in the service next to the previous text, along with information about changes. The change of the Regulation apply to the user after 14 days of the date of informing about the change in accordance with the previous sentence. The use of the service by the user after that date implies acceptance of the new Regulation.